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Cheap Mobile App Design Singapore is a mobile app development company that realizes powerful UX and UI, designs and brands in Singapore and Malaysia. We design and develop enterprise mobile applications to meet your requirements and increase your business productivity through the mobile app.


Our objective is simple: we want to help you create ground breaking custom mobile apps that will excel your business’s growth, and possibly change the world.

With our services, you can put your mind at ease. Our experienced team of specialists will be helping your app from idea conceptualization, all the way to deployment to app stores. Exiga developers and designers are also delicate generalists, capable of working with fresh modern programming languages and platforms, so they can select the suitable ones for your projects. We have an extensive set of skills and knowledge that is able to suit your ideology in bringing your product to your goal.

iOS app development

Our incredibly creative iOS application development teams build feature-rich mobile applications. These applications are not only beautifully designed but also leverage the latest technologies from the current iOS SDK to give you an edge over your competitors.

Android app development

The Android apps that Peerbits creates are always outfitted with a broad range of features that enables our clients to execute different marketing and revenue generating strategies through their Android app.

Custom App Development 

We have worked on iOS platform, Android platform, Windows and Blackberry platforms. Our mobile app solutions have used technologies from location-map, iBeacons, Matching portal, M2M, collaborations platforms, workflow management, social networking, multimedia, security, embedded devices, and others.

Contact us: +65 64926783                                      




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